Facebook Ad Tips

Facebook Ad Tips:
Here we’re going to have a quick look at Facebook Ads and some of the things that are all too often overlooked for successful ad campaigns. Facebook offers a number of tools that will help you control the things you need to control when managing an ad campaign and we detail the three things you really need to know here.

1. Know your audience:
You may have the most visually pleasing and striking ad out there, but all of your hard work designing it will be for nothing if you don’t fully evaluate what you are offering and who you are offering it to. Your ad must show off an offer or product that YOUR audience will be interested in. As a leading provider of web design lanarkshire we know all about the importance of conversions. This doesn’t mean you have to offer anything crazy, it means that you have to fully assess the type of customer you are looking for. Displaying appropriate content for your audience is a pivotal step that many companies advertising on Facebook overlook too readily.
If you are targeting new customers, don’t try to hook them into buying straight away. People that are new to what you are advertising will need to be informed as to what you offer. Designing an ad campaign to entice new customers will always benefit from an offer of free content. Offering a simple virtual product for free in exchange for contact information will allow you to build up a user base without having to market unsustainable offers to attract new customers.

2. Know your metrics:
Be careful not to get sucked into the trap of analysing the more superficially pleasing metrics that Facebook Ads offers you. Getting someone to click on your ad is just the beginning and your ad campaign isn’t working if those clicks never amount to anything. The word here is conversions. Don’t focus on how many people are being directed your way through your ad, but analyse the number of these clicks that are converted into the desired results. From there, you can assess your cost per conversion to really get to grips with how effective your ad is.

Facebook Pixel is your friend here. It will allow you to fully evaluate what your directed traffic actually does on your site. There are a number of options to choose from when setting up a Facebook Pixel. If you are selling products from your site, Facebook Pixel can track a user adding a product to their cart, initiating the checkout procedure and a number of useful things to know. The value of knowing what the users do on your site once directed there via your ad campaign is can never be underestimated and you will need to analyse this activity properly if you want your Facebook Ads to be a success.

3. Know when the time has come for your ad:
Often overlooked is the fact that a very successful Facebook Ad still has its shelf life. There is only so many times that a user can see your ad on their feed before growing weary of it. It is important to keep your Facebook Ad campaign fresh and avoid your target audience becoming fatigued with what they are seeing.

Facebook’s Ad Manager offers you a nifty tool to keep on top of this: frequency score. This little baby (if monitored properly) will ensure that your ad reaches its maximum potential before going to far. It will allow you to see how many times each Facebook user has seen your ad and allow you to switch it off for users that have seen it too many times already, or those you have already converted. Be sure to take advantage of this tool as it will give you the best indication as to when the time is up for your current Facebook Ad and a new one is needed.

Take home message:
Three very simple and easy-to-implement tips that are overlooked far too often by companies designing and ad campaign. Yet the message is obvious:
1) know who you want to see your ad,
2) know what those people are doing,
3) know when your ad needs updating. Three crucial points to any ad campaign that are so easy to control using Facebook Ads.
Now go and do them!

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